Corporate Transportation

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Employee Shuttles

employee shuttles provided by golden limousine Today's traffic congestion, and the need to reduce pollution in major metropolitan areas, make employee shuttle services a very practical business application. Employee shuttles reduce stress, accidents, improves employee retention, and increases on-time performance. Shuttles also make for good corporate citizenship by reducing traffic congestion and related polution.

Golden Shuttles will design an exclusive shuttle system for your employees. We can coordinate circulating shuttles, off-site parking, train station shuttles, or connectors to ensure your employees are on time, safely and effeciently.

Parking Lot Shuttles

Golden Shuttles can provide the vehicles to operate:

  • Employee parking lot shuttles
  • Public parking lot shuttles
  • Inter-terminal shuttles
  • Gate-to-plane shuttles
  • Parking lot circulators (for transporting employees or customers from nearby parking lots to your business)

Golden Limousine is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) registered with the Michigan Minority Business Development Council.