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A Golden Spring Wedding

Who wouldn’t want a spring wedding? The warm sunshine beckons the earth from its winter stupor. Bright green leaves unfurl on trees, flowers dot lawns and fields, squirrels scamper, birds sing, and humans, well, they start gardening. So why not have a garden wedding?

And like your love, every garden is different. There are herb gardens, vegetable gardens, butterfly and even bat gardens. Gardens can be culture specific and historical, like an English knot garden or a Japanese bonsai garden. They can also be rustic or elegant. Whoever you are, there’s a garden out there that’s a perfect fit for your wedding.


Consider a wildflower garden, delicate and whimsical. Arrange colorful blossoms in glass bottles at every table. Add edible flowers to ice cubes for drinking water. A wildflower wedding cake is a guaranteed stunner. Give your guests seed packets to grow their own wildflower gardens at home. Use vintage botanical illustrations as visual motifs in your invitations, place cards, and programs.

And what could be more charming than having your wedding party arrive on a Golden Trolley strewn with garlands of spring blossoms? Prepare a path strewn with flower petals  for the guests of honor as they gracefully disembark the trolley, and your wedding will move straight into fairy tale territory.


If fairies and elves aren’t your thing, you might want a celebration that’s more down to earth. Don’t shy away from a vegetable garden theme! The deep hues of vegetables connote strength and fullness. Kale, asparagus, radishes, and artichokes make gorgeous center pieces. Dig out a head of red cabbage and turn it into a bowl for flowers. Peeled carrots look lovely in glass jars, topped with ferns and orange flowers. Wrap artichokes in a burlap ribbon and perch them atop a wood disc. Give vegetable seeds or potted herbs as favors for your guests.


Want to push the envelope even more? Focus on different biomes, herbs, or cultural traditions. Or you can add pollinators, like birds, bees, and butterflies, for even more options. Release butterflies as you emerge from your Golden Trolley, and make your guests gasp with delight!

While the trolley is perfect for your wedding and reception, Golden Limousine has better suited vehicles for your guests to travel from DTW airport to your chosen hotel. The Golden Fleet has vehicles for every size group and our event specialists would be happy to assist with all of your reservations.

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Whatever garden theme you choose for your wedding, a wheelbarrow is probably not a good option for a grand entrance. Make sure you call Golden Limousine for world-class transportation you can count on to make your entrance all you dreamed it would be.
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