Weaving a Stronger Community

Supporting Art in Ann Arbor

Join Us at the Ann Arbor Art Center’s Vine & Dine 2018  

Since the beginning, the community and its many non-profits have been an integral part of our company’s fabric. We, at Golden Limo, have made it our goal to contribute to the organizations that make Ann Arbor so wonderfully unique. It’s important for us to honor the passion and dedication that goes on behind the scenes of it all. By continuously supporting the arts of Ann Arbor, we are able to help stimulate economic growth and cultivate comradery.

Throughout the past 26 years, it has been our mission to empower and encourage the innovation that plays a crucial role in nourishing our local economy. We aim to create culture, drive tourism to the area, and inspire the minds of today’s youth. With Ann Arbor and all of its inhabitants in mind, we strive to support the volunteers that share their talents, time, and generous hearts with others so that we may all benefit.

This year, Golden Limousine International is a proud sponsor of the Ann Arbor Art Center’s Vine & Dine Event. Join us for an art-filled evening in support of Ann Arbor Art Center programming and youth scholarships. This annual fundraising event is one that not only brings our community together but celebrates art as well – which makes all of our lives richer!

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Vine & Dine 2018



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