Employee, Parking & Event Shuttles

Golden Limousine has the equipment and staff to accommodate your custom needs for employee transfer, parking lot shuttles, and events of all types.

Employee Shuttles

Employee shuttles are a very practical business application. They reduce stress, accidents, improve employee retention, and increase on-time performance. Shuttles also make for good corporate citizenship by reducing traffic congestion and related pollution.

Golden Limousine will design an exclusive shuttle system for your employees. We can coordinate circulating shuttles, off-site parking, train station shuttles, or connections to ensure your employees are on time, safely, and efficiently.

Parking Lot Shuttles

Golden Limousine can provide vehicles to operate:

  • Employee parking lot shuttles
  • Public parking lot shuttles
  • Inter-terminal shuttles
  • Gate-to-plane shuttles
  • Parking lot circulators
    • For transporting employees or customers from nearby parking lots to your business.

Event Shuttles

Whether it’s a sports game, a conference, or a large community event, Golden Limousine has the capability to handle anything. We can design and coordinate pick-up and drop-off points throughout the event and shuttle guests to and from them and the parking areas — ensuring safety for everyone in attendance.

Only Qualified Chauffeurs

All of our chauffeurs are carefully vetted and trained in defensive driving in order to handle any kind of circumstance. When you ride with Golden, you’ll know you are in safe hands from the moment you book with us, until you reach your final destination.

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