Make Your Clients Say "Wow!"

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Make Your Next Event a Success

Are you using social media correctly?

Everyone is using social media in one why or another, and at events, it is the perfect place where the internet seamlessly integrates with reality. During your event, people will be posting pictures, using hashtags, and commenting on all that is going on.

So, are you using social media to it’s full potential? It doesn’t just stop at simply posting a tweet! How about printing up your hashtag on your t-shirt give-aways? Or using LinkedIn to personally invite your VIPs to the conference? Or sharing a live Facebook feed of what people are saying about your event? The possibilities are endless and when implemented correctly and your event is the trending topic, it will make your clients come back again and again.

In this eBlast:

  • The Golden Standard
  • 7 Tips for Encouraging Social Media Engagement During Your Event
  • From Large to Small Groups – We Have Luxurious Accommodations For All!
  • 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Events
  • Looking for Some Fun Between Conferences and Meetings?