Golden Limousine has always been involved in the community and developing leaders in many arenas. We learned early on that there are many types of businesses, although the ones that seem to flourish the most are ones that have invested time and energy into the growth of their community, as in doing so their business grows.

To be part of a community, like everything else, takes effort and dedication. At Golden, it is not whether we will be involved, but how and if it fits into our company’s community goals, understanding that for every moment given, is a moment that will be returned threefold.

Like many companies, our organization started out small and has grown into an International business providing services all around the world. Although, we never lose sight of our roots as they provide the substance for our growth.

We are proud to provide sponsorships for events and organizations across Southeast Michigan and the nation.

By supporting our communities, clients, and partners we help raise the standard for small business public engagement, and effectively establish better operating practices for Golden Limousine International.

Sponsorships include local youth development events, regional small business chamber events, and so much more!