Golden’s mission is to create long-term relationships with our clients. Through many years and countless relationships we know that throughout your life you will have a need for transportation, whether for work, pleasure or life moments. To create successful relationships it must be mutually beneficial for both parties, therefore our team strives to discover the best vehicle and service for your transportation needs, each and every time. In doing so, we have discovered that our tailored services enhance our client relationships as it creates an ease of use and confidence that Golden will provide the service that is expected and deserved.

Our Drive for Excellence…

We are a hospitality and logistics company.  Created by combining our highest priority, safety, with the very best team members and the latest model vehicles with cutting-edge technology.  

Our Golden standard is a constant theme in all facets of our company.

Understanding that the core of our success is having staff that understands what it means to drive excellence in all that they do, which in turn, ensures our clients that every encounter with Golden will exceed their expectations.

Sean Duval, President/CEO

Golden Limousine was established on a culture of true customer service. We strive to envision ourselves as being in the passenger seat and on the other end of the phone when requesting services for anticipating your upcoming event.  By doing so, it creates the empathy needed to be ready to offer solutions, even ones you haven’t thought of…yet.

Fantastic service occurs by design, it takes continuous training and attention to detail to ensure that you made the right choice in choosing Golden Limousine.  It is our pleasure to be of service to you.

Maya Adrine,  VP of Business Development

Golden Limo is dedicated to ensuring the safety of you, our client, our team members, and the driving public. Our chauffeurs and dispatch team undergo continuous safety training to live up to our staunch pledge to responsible operations.

Trust that we at Golden Limousine not only have your comfort but your well-being, in mind.



While we have many services to offer, and can accommodate most wishes, the services below are our most requested:





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