Discover the Joy of a Cedar Point Adventure!

There is so much to do and memories are created easily on a trip to one of the most loved and longstanding amusement parks throughout the Midwest.  And a charter bus to Cedar Point makes it even more enjoyable.

From a family day trip, or student field trip, to an easy day at the new Cedar Point feature, The Boardwalk, you are guaranteed a day that you and your group would never want to end.

Remember the park is perfect for all ages -- little ones, grade school, high school, college, newlyweds, and most of all -- everyone that is young at heart!

Group of four friends riding a roller coaster excitingly

Now let's get you there and back safely --

Golden Charter Buses are the most popular choice for a trip to Cedar Point and our chauffeurs know how important you and your group are so they handle the comfort and safety, while you all handle the FUN!

For a small or large group, we have many vehicles to suit your group and budget.

With the amenities you are searching for --

DVD/CD/iPhone Hookups
Window Shades
110V Outlets & Wifi
Separate Under Bus Luggage Storage
Overhead Carry-On Storage
Individual Over-Seat Lights
On-Board Restroom

Interior image of Golden Limo Charter Bus showing leg room and foot rests between seats.
Interior image of Golden Limo Charter Bus showing black leather seats, LED lighting, large windows, TV screens, and wood panel floors.
Interior image of Golden Limo Charter Bus restroom from aisle.
Golden Limo Reservationist

Need Planning Tips?

Give one of our Golden Event Planners a call at 734-668-8282 or fill out our quote form.

Cedar Point Visit Ideas?

Head to the bottom of the Cedar Point home page and choose the reasons for your trip under What's the occasion?

Once completed, you will receive a Suggested Itinerary created just for you and your group.

Remember...everything is CHILL at Cedar Point, even the adventure planning!


Golden Limousine works with Cedar Point Youth and Student Programs to provide transportation to and from the park events and attractions.  Leaders and youth love to combine other activities with a visit to the park. The team sports center student education days and musical performance days are just icing on the CP cake.

From our fleet, the Charter Buses and Executive Coaches are deployed to provide groups with a safe and efficient trip. With features like restrooms, experienced chauffeurs and connectivity, sports teams, youth groups, churches, teachers, and more understand why choosing Golden is the right decision.

Cedar Point Youth Program Information

It's been a magical day and the evening will still be filled with more delights when the lights bring the park alive.

ENJOY, and stay until closing as you don't have to worry.  You chose Golden to get your group home safe and sound while everyone rests comfortably.

Cedar Point Swing Ride at night