Chauffeured services are one of the greatest savers of TIME, which we all know can never be regained and is a commodity that we must hold precious.

It takes time to park your car at the airport, rent a car at your new location, learn the territory, read maps, focusing on driving instead of your traveling partners, not to mention the increased stress. Additionally, any of the above can hinder your safety while traveling.

Chauffeured services are a luxury. At Golden, we expand luxury to include comfort, ease, security, and saving time. We invite you to experience Golden luxury first hand.

"Golden Limo provided quick and efficient communication and transportation from the airport to my destination."


When it is time to transport many people, you need a reliable company that can provide a trusted service. Large vehicles with many people on board is a responsibility that Golden is very experienced with and we know the value of safety measures, guidelines, and consistent timely service for our clients. Whether it is wedding shuttles, corporate events, sightseeing, or destination vacations, the trip is enhanced by a clean, modern vehicle with one of our Golden chauffeurs that understands the needs and expectations of our travelers.


Understanding the value of time and convenience provides the incentive to reserve a vehicle to handle your trips to and from the airport. The flying is not the issue as much as the logistics before and after. Additionally, providing a vehicle for a job candidate, a speaker, corporate VIPs, or your elderly parents and college students – is a good decision. Time cannot be regained, and stress from traveling or worrying about others can be intense. Golden understands all of these concerns and has perfected the “ride to/from the airport” so their clients can take a few moments to catch their breath in this fast-paced world.


There are many facets to a corporation which creates a need for options and solutions. Our Golden fleet provides many vehicles with different amenities to select the vehicle to meet your needs for – annual meetings, conferences, site visits, recreational events, economic tours, and more. Business is not only done in the boardroom anymore as the world offers so many more enjoyable and interesting places to discuss challenges and find solutions. Golden provides the experience and structure to provide timely, comfortable transportation that allows everyone to enjoy the ride.


While businesses in the past were mostly located in a particular state, the enticement of global business advantages has encouraged many companies to expand throughout their nation, and the world. While this expansion has increased profits it has also created challenges. The greatest asset to any company is its team members and their safety and the efficiency of their travel should be a top priority for a company. Professional experienced transportation providers have the history to provide solutions to logistical moves, no matter if travelers are in the city of their headquarters, at the state capital, on the other side of the nation, or the world. Equally important are the adventure seekers, who wish to travel and discover new traditions, countryside, food, and learn about other cultures. The value of a driver/chauffeur that speaks the language, knows the terrain, and that can be trusted, is invaluable.

Golden’s affiliate relationships provides over 450 locations of service, while offering our client one point of contact during their travels.


Chauffeured services are in high demand it is best to reserve as soon as possible.

TIP: When making your airline reservation, book your vehicle also.

Yes, any vehicle you reserve with GLI will come with a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable chauffeur.

TIP: When making your reservation advise our staff so your chauffeur can provide your route in advance to allow you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Because we provide worldwide service we have a 24-hour dispatch available. The reservation and sales departments are available 9 am-6 pm EST.

TIP: You can make, change or cancel your reservation 24 hours a day on our Reservation page.

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