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 Celebrating diversity and uniting our community through art and education

Embracing our Differences logo for Michigan event.
Outdoor image of cultural artworks on display during Embracing our Differences Michigan event.


Embracing Our Differences Michigan celebrates diversity through art and education. It is a non-profit organization that believes in the transformative power of the arts to create a better world. Their annual outdoor installation and year-round educational initiatives enrich lives, promote acceptance, and positively impact the region
Outdoor image of cultural artworks on display during Embracing our Differences Michigan event.

The Exhibition

At the heart of Embracing Our Differences Michigan is its annual juried exhibition. This outdoor installation has become a highly anticipated event that draws art enthusiasts from far and wide. Spanning across a sprawling venue, the exhibition showcases a myriad of billboard-sized images created by a diverse group of artists hailing from the local community, across the nation, and even beyond international borders.


Each artwork on display is a powerful and captivating visual representation of the theme "Enriching Our Lives Through Diversity." The artists, with their unique perspectives, invite viewers to embark on a thought-provoking journey. These larger-than-life displays not only catch the eye with their vibrant colors and impressive scale, but they also captivate the mind, encouraging a deeper exploration of the complexities of diversity. Through their creative expressions, the artists challenge preconceived notions, break down barriers, and celebrate the beauty of our differences. 

Educational Opportunities

While the exhibition is central to their mission, Embracing Our Differences Michigan recognizes that education is the key to creating lasting change. Their year-round education initiatives reach thousands of students and teachers locally and around the world. One of their notable efforts is the development of comprehensive lesson plans that integrate the exhibition's themes into various subjects. These lesson plans encourage critical thinking, discussion, and creative expression, fostering an environment of inclusivity within the classroom.

YCS Arts Extravaganza

Embracing Our Differences Michigan goes above and beyond to support and showcase local talent which was exemplified by the YCS Arts Extravaganza, a collaborative effort with the Ypsilanti Community Schools. The Arts Extravaganza features visual art, music, and dance performances created by students, giving them a platform to express their creativity and celebrate their unique perspectives. 

Golden Limousine was proud to be involved in this special community event by providing transportation for the students from the Ypsilanti Community Schools to attend the Arts Extravaganza. The YCS Arts Extravaganza not only showcased the immense talent within the Ypsilanti community but also highlighted the importance of community collaboration and support in nurturing the arts.



Embracing our Differences Michigan student submitted artwork.

Embracing Our Differences Michigan celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity through art and education. By doing so, this nonprofit organization creates an environment where differences are not only accepted but cherished. With their annual outdoor installation and year-round educational initiatives, they are enriching lives and promoting acceptance. Join us in celebrating diversity, for it is through understanding and acceptance that we can truly enrich our lives.

Golden Limousine President Sean Duval Receives Humanitarian Award



Supporting Our Community:

Led by President Sean Duval’s commitment to and involvement in the community, Golden Limousine believes strongly in supporting the arts. Duval's participation in local organizations like Destination Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, UM Museum of Natural History, and Michigan Works Southeast demonstrates a commitment to our communities and the organizations that make them thrive. Through grants and community-based initiatives, these organizations provide vital resources to support local artists and creative projects. Golden Limousine is proud and honored to contribute to the vibrancy and cultural richness of the communities we serve.