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How To Be On Time While Traveling

June 5, 2023

Whether you are on vacation or traveling for business - it is essential to be on time while traveling. Discover expert travel tips!

Gentleman sits in airport waiting for flight.

Timeliness while traveling is stressful and takes coordination. Our airport transportation services take the stress out of getting to and from the airport. Keep reading to find more ways to be on time while traveling with expert travel tips and the use of our ground transportation services.

Book flights in the morning

Booking flights in the morning helps you avoid ongoing delays. Morning flights are less likely to experience delays and cancellations. It is essential to be on time while traveling, so get an early start by booking flights earlier in the day. This will help you stay on time while traveling, right from the beginning of your journey!

Check the on-time reports for airlines

Find out which airline has the best track record for departing and arriving on time. You can review the on-time performance reports for airline carriers before booking your next flight. Choose an airline with a healthy on-time performance record to avoid further delays at the airport. For example, Delta Air Lines was the only North American carrier to make this list of top global on-time performances. Want to be on time while traveling? Booking with Delta may help. When you travel with Golden our system syncs with all of the airlines to ensure that we are current on any changes to your flight times. This ensures that when you arrive, Golden will be waiting to greet you.

Travel light

The more bags you check at the airport, the longer your travels will take. Simple things like rolling your clothes and minimizing the number of toiletries you pack can help lighten the load. Also, be sure to weigh your luggage beforehand to ensure you stay within the weight limit. Here are some more tips on packing lightly.

Plan and book in advance

We purchase plane tickets in advance, but there are other things you can buy beforehand to ensure you will be on time while traveling once you have arrived at your destination. Purchase tickets to places you want to visit, like museums, events, or tours. You should also book your airport transportation in advance to ensure an early arrival at the airport.


How To Be on Time While Traveling - Transportation Services

Travel during off seasons

If possible, avoid travel during peak times of the year, like during the holidays and spring break season. Some of the best off-season travel destinations include the Caribbean in the summer, Mykonos in March, and the Bahamas in Autumn. If you are looking for an off-season Pure Michigan experience, try the Upper Peninsula in the winter.

How To Be on Time While Traveling - Transportation ServicesLeverage chauffeured services and shuttles

It is essential to be on time while traveling, and a great way to do so is to hire professionals for ground transportation. We provide luxury ground transportation for individuals and groups with high-quality vehicles, including charter buses, SUVs, vans, and even a trolley! Additionally, our airport transportation services in SE Michigan provide our customers with the confidence that they will arrive at DTW airport safely, on time and with no parking hassles. With a Golden chauffeur at the wheel, you will arrive early every time, as they all abide by the Golden standard -- if we are not 15 minutes early, we are late. 

Planning your next getaway? Contact us to discuss your transportation needs.