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Golden Limousine International's VP is eager to share her knowledge and experience, and collaborate with her peers.

Congratulations are in order for Maya Adrine, our Vice President of Business Development, who was recently elected to The Board of Directors of the National Limousine Association (NLA) - Central Region. Established in 1985, the NLA is a non-profit professional association that exists to promote and protect the international, national, and regional interests of chauffeured transportation. As an invested member of the organization, Maya has been involved in many capacities during her membership tenure.  Periodically she is asked to join other panel members during the NLA conferences to share their knowledge about the industry with other members.

The National Limousine Association strives to provide its members with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the industry. The NLA focuses on promoting safety, ethics, and professionalism within its ranks by offering education courses, networking opportunities, and hosting events throughout the year. 

Maya Adrine, VP of Golden Limo
Golden Limo Vice President Maya Adrine sitting with fellow panelists at National Limousine Association Board Meeting.

By Maya Adrine being to the NLA board of directors, she will be part of an elite group of professionals who work together to create policy initiatives that help shape legislation that affects chauffeured transportation businesses across all 50 states. She will also contribute to important conversations about how this industry will move forward into the future. As a leader in her field, she will no doubt have a lasting impact on the organization’s trajectory.

“My goal is to make sure the concerns of Central Region members are heard to ensure the NLA is addressing their needs. I also plan to be a bridge for information between NLA and Central Region states to influence state and local legislative actions that impact passenger transportation.” - Maya

From the beginning of her tenure in the limousine industry, Maya has continually strived to create opportunities and improvements through engagement with her counterparts.  Her efforts have been rewarded by being elected to the NLA Board of Directors Central Region, which is a testament to her diligence and investment in the industry.

The Golden team is very proud of Maya and excited for the NLA Central Region as they discover why anyone would want her on their team.  Her level of professionalism, kindness, forethought, knowledge, and constant search for insightful improvements are the traits that others should strive for.  We are confident that her efforts as a board member will assist the Central Region and other NLA regions in uniting to maintain and grow our ever-churning and challenging industry.

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